Church Library Resources


Lawrence Chapel Library Procedures


All materials (Books, Videos, DVDs and Audio Cassettes), in the library, are filed in alphabetical order by title within their individual type. When browsing the collection, please note where you removed the book or other material from and return it to the proper spot on the shelf. This will insure that the next person looking for that item will be able to find it easily. If you are not sure where it goes, please place it in the returns basket to be refiled later.


If you wish to check out a book or other material:

  • Remove card from book or other material (these are usually located in the back of the Book)
  • Sign and date the card.
  • Place card in the box for that purpose attached to the end of the shelving.


All materials may be kept for a period of one month with renewal possible.

When returning books, or any other materials, please place them into the basket on the floor at the end of the shelves.